Pro quo la babileyo ne funcionas?

May 17, 2006 at 4:25 am (Uncategorized)

Pro ke la servilo-kompanio esas mala – subite nova kompanio kompris omna servili di Chatzy ma li ne funcionas bone. Tamen, la kompanio dicis nulo a la klienti: has been down for more than a week and we are deeply sorry.

Some time ago, our hosting company ( was bought by another hosting provider by the name of WebHostPlus. WebHostPlus wanted to move all servers to their location, which, in theory, should only have caused a couple of hours of downtime, had the migration process been carried out professionally.

Unfortunately, it seems that WebHostPlus is not a very professional company. On May 6, our server was taken offline and our harddisks were apparently moved to the new location. Since then WebHostPlus has been having great difficult getting us – and a lot of other web sites – online again.

We are deeply sorry for this disturbance in our service. We are doing everything we can (which unfortunately is not much since we are highly dependent on our hosting provider) to get Chatzy up and running again. Once Chatzy is back, we will take appropriate measures to assure that down-time like this will not happen again.

If you wish, you can read how we and a lot of other fustrated webmasters complain here:

Do, forsan kelka dii pose (o un o du semani) la babileyo funcionos itere.

Dum ke vartas ni videz reklamo kun Koreana mulieri.


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